Rashun Fortune

Rashun Fortune’s homespun mix of lo-fi hip-hop and R&B is informed by a lifetime’s worth of experience.  The Anderson, South Carolina native has written poetry since he was just a kid and continued to use it to express his innermost thoughts as he attended school, gained experience, and became a full grown man. Now that he’s matured into a veteran rapper, his storytelling is full of the wisdom and clarity that only comes from a life spent practicing the craft. 

Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view.  That motto has driven Rashun since his early days of writing rhymes and free styling with his friends in high school.  As he grew up, he broadened his musical tastes, playing brass instruments in jazz and marching bands through college.  All the while, he stayed focused on pursuing hip hop, supporting his career by producing tracks and making beats for himself and other artists.  As a result, he is now a well-rounded artist with a distinctive sound all his own. 

In recent years, Rashun has branched out into voice acting, and music for film and television, and has also shown an interest in breaking into the fashion industry.  He knows where he came from but doesn’t act like he used to. Instead, he is evolving into a new, better artist, with ambitions of making a real difference in the world.