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Off the Wall

Rashun Fortune
Rashun Fortune



Them girls on the wall I ain't worried about them
come down to the dance floor and bring your friend
If you think you're too pretty, sit your axx down
I done had a few shots and I wanna see them girls
Shake Down
Twerk it girl lemme see just what you got
Break Down
Bend it over lemme see what you working with


It's a party going on tonight you know that you invited
Panty line is missing and I know you didn't hide it
Bounce it shake it rub it on me girl I want it all
You too cute to be up on the wall
Chillin' with some bad girls both of them fine
Way them b####es twerking out here should be a crime
One got green eyes, other like mine
Bad axx red bone other one brown
Body like a bottle and her booty too thick
axx that big don't make no sense
Asked her where she from and she said GA
with a mini skirt on, game time, EA
Seen a bunch of hatin n####s staring at me
If the club was Twitter they'd be scared to @ me
think you bout to hit a lick nah not me
You paid to get in don't get knocked out free


Take a minute, pass the time, rotate, clockwork
Drop that axx hard, I want it to make the ground hurt
Can you hear the autotune? Baby that's just sound work
Baddest thing ever, light skinned in a brown shirt
Long hair, tied back, draws attention to your eyes
Baby are those contacts? She say n###a these are mine
LOL girl you a trip, tell me why you sitting here?
Girl you decorate the club looking like a chandelier
You bad, but I ain't gotta tell you that
N#### making it rain on you trying to earn that Louie bag,
Shaking that axx making enough to pay tuition
Baby you so bad I gotta put you in detention
and believe if you flaunt it, baby you can own me
if you want bag point at it and say you want it
She said she wanna feed me, we didn't hit the store
Well what we got? Open her legs, kitty a la mode



If you working for your own, ain't gotta worry about how you getting home
If you roll up to the clbu, and you skip right to the front
(shake down) x8
If you holding up the wall, n####s trying to dance you trying to stall
If your broke axx in the spot, but had to make it in before 12 o' clock
(sit down)x8

*Hook out*

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